Rambling, Hiking – Tell me more!

Rambling (Hiking) through the coutryside or along the coast by the cliffs and banks of the Lagoa de Óbidos, with emphasis on the ecological, scientific, historical and ethnographic component, accompanied by a local guide.
All participants are encouraged to collect rubbish that is found during route, and to all participants will be given a bag and gloves to collect them.

Other routes and trails of biological, historical, religious or cultural interest. (pilgrimage to Fátima)

Kayak Tours – Tell me more!

Kayaking through the Óbidos Lagoon with a local guide with a limit of 10 participants to provide a richer and more intimate experience. Bird Watching and Observation of wild species of the estuarine fauna and flora of the intertidal zone * (inter-tidal zone) of Óbidos Lagoon.

* Intertidal, the substrate zone between the lines of maximum high water and minimum low water tides.

Bushcraft – What is it?

Bushcraft, Coastal and marine survival, safety at sea, primitive fire, shelter construction, foraging, food and drinking water, basic orienteering workshops. These techniques are for the most part universal survival techniques, but have been specialiy adpated to be applied especially to coastal and marine environments.