Survival Course – Level 01

We invite you to join us during a weekend and head to “Serra de Sicó” for a level 01 survival course.

This course aims to familiarize participants with the basic techniques of survival on land and provide them with the means and knowledge so that they can survive in nature in case of need, or just as personal enrichment, acquiring greater knowledge about life in the outdoors and a greater proximity to nature.


Duration: 2 Nights and 2 Days. (Friday at 10 pm until Sunday afternoon)
Location: Condeixa-a-Velha, Portugal
Minimum age: 16 years
Price: 100 € / Person

Includes: A survival KIT (1 Survival Knife – 1 Fire-steel and 1 Thermal Blanket), Personal accident and liability insurance, Embroided Patch (equivalent to the obtained rank), and Training Certificate


The topics are shown as an indication and can be modified for climatic, organizational or group level reasons.

Rule of 3 (and its application)
Stress management and its effects
Signaling and preventing aid
Build a Shelter
Light a bonfire
Filter and treat water
Topographic maps and guidance
Essential nodes
Basis of first aid
Fasting and its effects
Clay – Internal and external pathway
Urine – Properties and possible uses
Snakes and Black Stone
Prevent Lyme disease
Tips and Tricks
Waste Management

Mandatory material (If you don’t have equipment, contact us)
Awning, Poncho or Tarp to take shelter from the rain
Sleeping bag or blanket
Water – 3 liters per day, per person
Toilet paper
Trash bag

PROHIBITED – Food, Soft Drinks and Tents

Suggested material

Thermal insulation for sleeping bag (eg mattress)
Work Gloves
Bush knife and pocket knife
Change of Clothes
Freezing bag with zip to protect electronic equipment
Mobile phone (off)
Strings of various diameters (eg paracord)
Head lamp (front)
Protection against mosquitoes
Prescribed drugs and glasses, if you need them

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