Hiking from São Martinho to São Gião

Hiking from São Martinho, Salgado to São Gião

CAF and Intertidal invite you for a fantastic walk into the past through the cliffs and landscapes between São Martinho do Porto and the south of Nazaré.

Starting among cottages and family houses from the 19th century, passing through a farm belonging to the Cistercian Order (12th century), until reaching what is believed to be the oldest Christian temple in the Iberian Peninsula, the Church of S. Gião, (7th century), come with us back in time and discover the hidden history of what was once one of the most important seaports in central Portugal.

This walk, through dirt tracks, sand and vegetation, is therefore not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Due to its characteristics, distance and uneven ground, it is considered to be of medium difficulty. The journey will be at a leisurely pace, with several intermediate stops and a stop for lunch of about 1 hour.

Technical Data (Walk from Santo António to São Gião)

Distance: 18.6 km
Accumulated ascent: 405 m
Accumulated descent: 398 m
Maximum Elevation: 131 m
Average speed: 2.4 km/h
Expected duration: 8 h

Dates: December, 4th.
Meeting point: Largo da Junta de Freguesia. (R. Prof. Eliseu 2, 2460-676 São Martinho do Porto. Coords: 39.51337, -9.13475)
Briefing: 9 am
Departure: 9:30 am
Arrival: 5:30 pm / 6 pm


Option A: Hike: 30€ + Lunch: 12€
Option B: Hike: €30

Option A with lunch included (see list below), this will be provided as a take-away and brought to the site by the restaurant “Nova Gaivota” in São Martinho do Porto.

Menu: Fish Masada, “Bitoque” with egg and rice, Tofu “à bráz”.
If you have opted for the lunch included option, please indicate your choice of menu at the time of registration, in the comments box in the form below

If you choose option B, without lunch, we suggest that you bring your own meal, as the walking distance requires a period of rest and reinforcement before returning.

Whatever your option, lunch will be held together in a picnic style gathering at a place designated by the organization.

In both cases you can also bring light snacks, such as fruit, sugar-free biscuits or cereal bars, as well as water at a rate of 1L to 1.5L per person.


Take a backpack with snacks, and if was your choice, picnic lunch, water (1.5L per person, minimum), hat, sunscreen, camera, comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions, comfortable and suitable shoes to walk on dirt, sand and vegetation paths.

Payment options

In order to mobilize the necessary logistics for the activity, registration presupposes the payment of the desired option, which can be made by ATM, MBWay, or bank transfer. If you need a receipt with VAT, please indicate it after making the payment.

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