Sea hiking – Water hiking

What is a water hike (sea walking, water trekking, sea hiking):

It is a walk in which the participants progress through the water, submerged, at most, up to their waist. It is an activity that is both relaxing and beneficial to health. This water walking technique can be carried out in any season of the year, even during winter, as long as basic safety rules are respected and the use of suitable clothing and equipment.

A walk in the sea/salt water offers multiple advantages and is suitable for sports and physical activity lovers of all standards:

It improves physical endurance, cardiorespiratory health and power without putting stress on the body’s joints.

Like all aquatic disciplines, it is beneficial for stimulating blood circulation. The effort is more intense than in traditional walking, thanks to the resistance that comes from the water. It works the body’s balancing mechanisms and allows for muscle strengthening throughout the body as well. It particularly works the arms and back when it involves handling a paddle (optional).

Thanks to the pleasant environment by the sea, it promotes the release of nervous tension and relaxation. The proximity to the aquatic environment allows the close observation of biodiversity and the feeling of belonging to the natural environment.

All routes in Óbidos Lagoon and S. Martinho do Porto Bay are accompanied by one or more certified guides (Personal Trainer, Geoguide or Marine Biologist).

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