Nature hike in the Óbidos Lagoon – Salinas

Interpretive route at Lagoa de Óbidos – “the salt flats”

In this series of walks, we invite you to travel to the shores of Lagoa de Óbidos, and discover its stories, from its formation to the present day. Its occupation from the Chalcolithic period, the Roman period, through the medieval and renaissance times, to the recent past, still told in the old stories of local fishermen. During the activity we can observe the unique biodiversity of Lagoa de Óbidos as well as a stunning landscape in environments far from mass tourism.

hiking at the obidos lagoon

During these tours we will have the opportunity to observe the richness of the avifauna of the Óbidos lagoon, observe and identify the marine organisms, algae and marine forests, witnesses of the local sailors in their daily work, as well as encouraging others to see them along the way.


This is an overland walk along the shores of the Óbidos lagoon, between trails, dirt roads and sandy areas (there may be muddy areas in periods of rain), for a total of 7km, with an approximate duration of 3 hours.

Type and Duration
Walk type: Circular
Total: 3h
Distance: 7 km
Difficulty index: Easy (Physical dexterity to descend a gap in a trail)

Gathering place. Departure/Arrival: Parking at Aeroclube da Lagoa, Arelho. (Near the Hotel Rio do Prado).

Meeting: 9:45 am, Briefing; 9:55 am
Departure: 10:00h. Arrival: 1pm (approximately)

Target Audience: Interested general public, outdoor activities and nature, history and ethnography. Recommended for families and animals. Minimum recommended age 10 years.

Number of Participants (minimum and maximum)
Minimum: 4
participants (low season – October to June),
6 participants (high season – July to September)
Maximum: 20 Participants

Price: 25€/pax
Price Includes: Intertidal® certified guide or Geoguide* on site, personal accident insurance.
*Geoguide certified by the aspiring West Geopark (UNESCO)


Take a backpack with snacks (cookies, fruit, cereal bars, etc.), water (1.5L per person, minimum), hat, sunscreen, camera, binoculars, comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions, comfortable shoes and suitable for dirt, sand and mud paths (in rainy or tidal periods).

Participants should walk orderly, paying attention to terrain accidents, circulating traffic and instructions from the guides.

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