Kayak Tours in the Obidos Lagoon


Come and visit the Lagoa de Óbidos with who really knows it, either by Kayak or on foot.

Either on kayak, through the islands, sand banks and the nooks of the Lagoon, or walking through the ancient tracks hidden by the vegetation along the banks of the Óbidos Lagoon, make one of our nature tours and have fun while you explore this “thousand-years old” estuary.

Come alone, bring some friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, family and children, bring your dog … come as you wish, but come with the certainty that you will have an amazing day!

All our activities are carried out safe, stable and comfortable kayaks and accompanied by one or two certified local guides.

An open-air laboratory!

Make a true “Expedition” in the Óbidos Lagoon that includes a Kayak tour (and maybe a small hike). Where you will learn about Local History and Traditions, Marine life identification*, Birdwatching and Edible Seaweed and Plants.  If the tides and conditions permit, you will learn how to catch shellfish using traditional techniques (catch & release)

* All nature activities and all interactions involving organisms in the wild in their natural habitat are dependent on their habits, weather and tides, so it is not possible to ensure that all of the expected items are likely to be achieved, or that chronology indicated is likely to be fulfilled in the course of the activity.

Outdoor children are happier and healthier children.


Half day in the Lagoon (3/4h): 35€ Adults. 20€ Children*
Full day in the Lagoon (6/7h): 45€ Adults. 25€ Children*

* Up to 14 years (inclusive), accompanied by at least one enrolled adult.
* 10% discount on families (direct) with 3 or more elements.
* All prices are per person.


Intertidal® local guide.
Rental of all the equipment (kayak + paddle + seats + buoyancy vests + pond bag – 1 per kayak).
Free coffee or tea and biscuits on a full day’s itinerary. (1 per person)

Depending on availability, participants will travel in double* or single kayaks, comfortable and stable, or fast and light, depending on the participant’s preference.

*  There are triple kayaks for families with toddlers or small children.

Not included:

Round-trip transportation*, meals or drinks during the activities, all consumption in any establishments visited during the activity. Anything not stated as being formerly included.

* available as an extra.

On weekends and local and national holidays, the minimum number of participants is 4 adults. The maximum on any day will be 10 participants (exceptionally 12). The minimum recommended age to participate in the activity will be 4 years, when accompanied by at least one adult paddler*.

Fun, knowledge, health and well being for all!
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First New Year’s Day Kayak and Stand Up Paddle in the Óbidos Lagoon

On the 1st day of the year, you are invited to bring your “vessels” and join us to welcome the new year at Lagoa de Óbidos!

This is an informal event, You can join for free and everyone is welcome to participate!

In a tradition started a few years ago by some friends in the area, water sports fans, who get together on the morning of January 1st for the first paddle of the year, we invite you to come with us as well to welcome the new year at Lagoa de Óbidos.

This is an informal and free event with collection of goods. This year, the collected goods will revert to Refood Caldas da Rainha.

Bring your Kayak, Canoe, Stand Up Paddle board or any other vessel moved “by arms”, or by wind, and come and enjoy a magnificent morning spent immersed in the tranquil landscape of Lagoa de Óbidos.

Intended Goods:
Dishwashing detergent (industrial machine and manual washing)
Plastic food bags (25x40cm and 20×30 cm)
Painter’s tape (width 2.5 cm)
Other non-perishable foodstuffs


This is an invitation to join us and not an official organization, so each one will be responsible for themselves in terms of transport, logistics, organization and security.

Intertidal will only be responsible for the registered participants using kayaks provided by us. Mandatory reservation by filling out the form below.

Do you need a Kayak or SUP for this event?

Kayak rental:
Single price per participant: 15 € (in SUP, single or double kayak) – for each registration €5 reverts to Refood Caldas da Rainha

Included in the price:
Material rental (kayak + paddles + seats + vests + waterproof bag – 1 per kayak).
Personal accident insurance.
Neoprene wetsuits available to lend to children and adults – until stocks last.

Depending on availability, participants will travel in double or single kayaks, comfortable and safe, or fast and light, depending on the participant’s preference.

Does not include:
Any other equipment or service not specifically mentioned as included.

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