Kayak Open Day – Óbidos Lagoon

To celebrate the arrival of the good weather next Sunday, May 26th, we will “open doors” for those who want to do a mini kayak tour through the Óbidos Lagoon

The tours are free and begin in the area of ​​the Foz do Arelho Pier with the duration of 1h approximately.

Inicio – Starts atFim – Ends at
9h – Completo 10h

14:30h – Últimos lugares15:30h
19h* – Excepcionalmente20h

Since the number of participants per tour is limited, a pre-registration is required by completing the form below.

Inscrições encerradas. Obrigado!

Kayak Tours

Kayaking through the Óbidos Lagoon with a local guide with a limit of 10 participants to provide a richer and more intimate experience. Bird Watching and Observation of wild species of the estuarine fauna and flora of the intertidal zone * (inter-tidal zone) of Óbidos Lagoon.

* Intertidal, the substrate zone between the lines of maximum high water and minimum low water tides.