Nature Tours in the Obidos Lagoon

Come and visit the Lagoa de Óbidos with who really knows it, either by Kayak or on foot.

Either on kayak, through the islands, sand banks and the nooks of the Lagoon, or walking through the antient tracks hidden by the vegetation along the banks of the Óbidos Lagoon, make one of our nature tours and have fun while you explore this “thousand-years old” estuary.

Come alone, bring some friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, family and children, bring your dog … come as you wish, but come with the certainty that you will spend an amazing day!

Make a true “Expedition” in the Óbidos Lagoon that includes a Kayak and/or hike. Local history and traditions, Marine life identification, Birdwatching and Edible Algae (seaweed)*

An open-air laboratory!

In addition to the richness of the fauna and flora of this lagoon, also marvel at the histories and traditions of these people for centuries linked to this estuary of calm waters rich in life and history.

All our activities are carried out safe, stable and comfortable kayaks and accompanied by one or two certified local guides.

* All nature activities and all interactions involving organisms in the wild in their natural habitat are dependent on their habits, weather and tides, so it is not possible to ensure that all of the expected items are likely to be achieved, or that chronology indicated is likely to be fulfilled in the course of the activity.

Outdoor children are happier and healthier children.


Half day in the Lagoon (3/4h): 30€ Adults. 20€ Children*
Full day in the Lagoon (6/7h): 45€ Adults. 25€ Children*

* Up to 14 years (inclusive), accompanied by at least one enrolled adult.
* 10% discount on families (direct) with 3 or more elements.
* All prices are per person.


Intertidal® local guide.
Rental of all the equipment (kayak + paddle + seats + buoyancy vests + pond bag – 1 per kayak).
Round-trip transportation between any Intertidal partner accommodation and boarding area. (only accommodation in Foz do Arelho).
Free coffee or tea and biscuits on a full day’s itinerary. (1 per person)

Depending on availability, participants will travel in double* or single kayaks, comfortable and stable, or fast and light, depending on the participant’s preference.

* There is a triple kayak for families with toddlers or small children.

Not included:

Round-trip transportationto non-partner accommodations* (see list of partners), meals or drinks during the activities, all consumption in any establishments visited during the activity. Anything not stated as beeing formely included.

* available as an extra.

On weekends and local and national holidays, the minimum number of participants is 4 adults. The maximum on any day will be 10 participants (exceptionally 12). The minimum recommended age to participate in the activity will be 4 years, when accompanied by at least one adult paddler*.

Fun, knowledge, health and well being for all!

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Kayak Open Day – Óbidos Lagoon

To celebrate the arrival of the good weather next Sunday, May 26th, we will “open doors” for those who want to do a mini kayak tour through the Óbidos Lagoon

The tours are free and begin in the area of ​​the Foz do Arelho Pier with the duration of 1h approximately.

Inicio – Starts atFim – Ends at
9h – Completo 10h

14:30h – Últimos lugares15:30h
19h* – Excepcionalmente20h

Since the number of participants per tour is limited, a pre-registration is required by completing the form below.

Inscrições encerradas. Obrigado!


Trekking: Rambling (Hiking) tours lasting more than one day. They involve transporting food and water by the participant, eating or preparing food on the spot, staying overnight in the countryside or staying in the area.
Minimum group 4 persons, max group 10 persons.

Bicycle Tours (MTB)

MTB and Road Bikes

Routes along the countryside or/and in the coast along the Óbidos Lagoon. Fun rides with an emphasis on ecological, scientific, historical and ethnographic subjects.

Other routes and trails of biological, historical, religious or cultural interest. (pilgrimage to Fátima)
All routes will be appropriate to the bikes and the experience of the participants.

Garbage collection: Due to the difficulty in implementing this type of activity, encouragement on garbage collection will not be as strongly suggested in bicycle activities.

Kayak Raids

Kayak Raids and Expeditions

Kayaking tours lasting more than one day. They involve the transportation of food and water by each participant in their own kayak, eat or prepare food in location, overnight in the countryside or in accommodation in the region nearby.

Included in the price: Kayak, guide, insurance, transportation of participants and equipment to the place and back.
Minimum group 4 persons. Maximum group 10 persons.

Boat trips in the Óbidos Lagoon

Cruises and boat trips in the Óbidos lagoon

Pleasant Cruises for all the family with a scientific, historical and ethnographic component.

In an eco-friendly, stable and comfortable boat with accessibility for people with reduced mobility, you will enjoy the unspoilt landscapes of the Óbidos Lagoon in a comfortable, safe and relaxed way.

Always accompanied by a local guide, trained to provide you with a fun and rich experience. Departures by appointment from the dock ramp of Foz do Arelho and Covão dos Musaranhos (Óbidos).

Circular or hybrid routes, boat trips complemented by a bicycle ride along the banks of the lagoon, or a mini-bus with a guided tour to the Óbidos Medieval Castle and other places of interest in the Oeste region, available on advanced request.

Rambling, Hiking

Rambling (Hiking) through the coutryside or along the coast by the cliffs and banks of the Lagoa de Óbidos, with emphasis on the ecological, scientific, historical and ethnographic component, accompanied by a local guide.
All participants are encouraged to collect rubbish that is found during route, and to all participants will be given a bag and gloves to collect them.

Other routes and trails of biological, historical, religious or cultural interest. (pilgrimage to Fátima)

Kayak Tours

Kayaking through the Óbidos Lagoon with a local guide with a limit of 10 participants to provide a richer and more intimate experience. Bird Watching and Observation of wild species of the estuarine fauna and flora of the intertidal zone * (inter-tidal zone) of Óbidos Lagoon.

* Intertidal, the substrate zone between the lines of maximum high water and minimum low water tides.


Bushcraft, Coastal and marine survival, safety at sea, primitive fire, shelter construction, foraging, food and drinking water, basic orienteering workshops. These techniques are for the most part universal survival techniques, but have been specialiy adpated to be applied especially to coastal and marine environments.