the amazing Peniche “island”

Join us and discover what was once the island of Peniche, on a circular walk where history and nature meet, to provide you with a magnificent day immersed in the sun and salt of this magnificent coastal area. Come with your family, friends or as part of an organized group, but come with the certainty t0hat you will have an invigorating experience full of information.

Along this interpretative hike, we will approach topics related to the geological formation of the current peninsula (former island) of Peniche, its history, archeology, its people, its traditions, as well as the importance of its marine fauna and the richness of its birds.


Hiking map peniche intertidal


Type and Duration
Hike type: Circular
Total: 7h, includes stops for rest and lunch.
Distance: 12.3 km
Difficulty Index: Medium (Distance over 10 km)

Meeting Point. Departure/Arrival: Ground parking to your right when facing the Peniche fortress. (39.354399, -9.380601),

Meeting: 9:00h, Briefing; 9:15 am
Departure: 9:30 am. Arrival: 17:30h (approximately)

Target Audience: General public interested in outdoor activities and nature, history, ethnography and geology. Minimum recommended age 12 years.

Number of Participants (minimum and maximum)
Minimum: 4 participants (low season – October to June), 6 participants (high season – July to September)
Maximum: 20 Participants

Price: €30/pax
Price Includes: Intertidal® certified guide or Geoguide* on site, personal accident insurance. Snack (fruit/cookies/water)
*Geoguide certified by the aspiring West Geopark (UNESCO)

Price does not include: Meals or drinks during the activities, consumption in the establishments eventually visited during the same, all goods or services not specifically mentioned as included.


Bring a backpack with snacks, and if you prefer, lunch food, water (1.5L per person, minimum), hat, sunscreen, camera, binoculars, comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions, comfortable shoes and suitable for dirt, sand and asphalt paths.

The activity presupposes a meal (lunch). All participants will be responsible for their food and drinks during the course.
Lunch can be of the pic-nic type in which each participant will bring their own food and drinks, or in the restaurant modality, which requires a prior reservation.

By signing up, the participant assumes that he has become aware of the characteristics of the route and that he has the physical strength necessary for this type of walk, its duration, distance and type of terrain. Due to the type of access, the activity is not recommended for people with reduced mobility.

Participants must walk in a line, orderly, paying attention to terrain accidents, circulating traffic and instructions from the guides.

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